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Legal advisor in the UK



Law Advice in United Kingdom

File a claim or defence in court

Provide legal support for litigation and adaptation, detailing and translation.

Consumer rights

If you were provided with a poor-quality service or sold a defective product, we can help you protect your consumer rights.


Employment disputes

We can assist with discrimination, dismissal, non-payment of wages, redundancy and illegal actions in the workplace.

Divorce proceedings

* If the divorce occurs amicably and by mutual agreement of the parties.

Do You know how many barristers in the UK?



Who is the barrister?

A barrister is a type of lawyer in common law jurisdictions.
Price per hour for the barrister’ service is roughly between £200 – £300 per hour.

Is there an option not to pay a solicitor £200–£300 per hour for assistance, including simple, direct legal questions?

Yes, there is. That is why people come to us. Our specialists’ time is approximately 70 per cent cheaper. We have been in the market for over eight years.
Qualifying as a solicitor or barrister and obtaining certificates for the right to practice, including right of audience in Great Britain is a difficult and lengthy process. The cost of insurance can be around £25,000 per year. That is why there are not many of them to serve the 67 million people living there; hence, the high cost of their services.
We are legal professionals with LLB (Legum Baccalaureus – Bachelor of Laws) and LPC (Legal Practice Course – Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice) qualifications.
Most of the legal issues that clients contact us about are resolved by us without difficulty, and the level of complexity of the problem does not require payment of a disproportionately high hourly rate for a specialist that you do not need. The cost of our services is, on average, £100 per hour; or we may offer a fixed fee for the entire work process in cases where the claim is up to £10,000 and/or if the task and your instructions are disproportionate to the amount of your overall costs. We also offer a flexible approach and are ready to consider other payment methods, depending on your case.

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“The client never wants to be told he can’t do what he wants to do; he wants to be told how to do it, and it is lawyer’s business to tell him how”.
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We do not call or purport to be solicitors nor do we carry out any reserved legal activities therefore we do not need to be regulated by the law society. When necessary by statute or otherwise your claim in court will be conducted by a practicing Solicitor or Barrister (we do not engage in litigation and outsource this to Solicitors or Barristers).