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Who are we?

My name is Roman Fomin. I came to England in 2000 and went to college to study English and computing. After graduating from college and practising as a referral agent, I realised that this was not my calling.
Analysing the situation in the country, the news, the experience of my family and my own interests, I decided to do something that I had always found interesting. I liked detective stories, analysis of statistics in criminal law, comparison of experience and extraordinary court cases. I entered the Faculty of Law.
Until the beginning of my second phase of education, I was only involved in routine clerical task, statistics and data analysis; all the ‘detective moments’ of interest were in books, films and documentaries.
In my first year, I became acquainted with the reality and rules of trials. I realised that not everything is as simple as in a film, and I recognised that the law is really my vocation.
Eight years have passed, and during that time, I have spent hundreds of hours in court, thousands of hours on office work, achieved three legal higher education qualifications, been involved in many interesting things, and of course, noticed a few wrinkles and grey hair appearing.
Communicating with people from different social strata, and with the police, solicitors, judges and through documents, I realised how insecure a person could be.
Great Britain is a conservative country, economically developed, extraordinary and with a constitution that cannot be called the law of the country.
In the British Isles, there are many aspects of the law that offer protection for some and make others vulnerable, as is the case in China, Colombia or Senegal, but everyone knows that Great Britain is a very beautiful and expensive country, hence the demand and prices for lawyers’ services.
Romans Fomins is a Commercial Lawyer, is an accessible Legal Professional who builds strong deep and lasting relationships with his clients. Our clients are mainly businesses and business owners. Romans’ experience in real business has taught him that good advice is often only part of the solution; understanding and practical application also play their part. We pride ourselves on producing effective solutions tailor made for each client’s situation (we cut according to the cloth).
We provide legal and commercial advice and transactional services to businesses and business owners in relation to their day to day business operations and also Epic events such as a sale of or purchase of a business, merges, exits and re-organisations.

Why are our services significantly cheaper?

Obtaining a qualification and accreditation as a solicitor in England is not an easy undertaking, even for a person with a background and degree in economics. After this has been achieved and all the necessary documents are in hand, a novice solicitor will need to secure a training contract, find money for an office, a secretary and, of course, insurance, which costs about £25,000 per year, though sometimes more. From this, it becomes clear why the average cost of a solicitor in this country is about £250 per hour, excluding VAT.
However, depending on the complexity of the matter, there is no need to pay such a high hourly rate for administrative tasks, such as completion of technical forms, research and for what might be termed purely clerical or mechanical activities, such as photocopying documents, preparing bundles and so on. In some straightforward cases, a barrister may be an overqualified means of meeting the client’s needs and so is not a cost-effective option. To put it simply: if you need a TV remote control you not buying MAC desktop.
But there is some good news!
A legal consultant is a specialist who can advise a person or company, assist and support their case and even, in some cases, represent a client in court.
The difference between a qualified solicitor, with a practising certificate with an indemnity insurance, and a legal advisor is that the latter is only partly qualified and subject to some restrictions in providing services. This may be a concern to the average person layperson. However, any person, no matter what their attitude or level of education, should always be able to think and express their thoughts themselves. Even solicitors make mistakes, but they are insured.
In judicial practice, there are a huge number of cases where a fully qualified solicitor makes mistakes, such as giving the wrong ‘direction’ to the case, and so the client loses and sues the solicitor.
My team consists of people who have extensive experience in the law and business, and we are covered by professional indemnity insurance.
I am Roman Fomin, a legal consultant with CiL, LLB and LPC legal qualifications.
The way in which we process cases that come to us gives us an understanding of possible outcomes from the very beginning.
During the initial consultation and review of the case, a secretary writes down all the details and transfers the case to me for review.
We consider all aspects and work out in detail, amongst our team, the areas that may affect the desired or expected result.
You are given a legal opinion of your issue, with a prediction based on the experienced view of a solicitor, judge or ombudsman, to help you fully understand the possible outcomes.
If you decide to instruct us, we will create your file, and a qualified legal consultant with at least eight years’ experience will be engaged in your case.
By contacting with us you will receive:
Friends and colleagues, remember:
Legal advice is needed not only in unpleasant situations, for litigation and at court but also in positive situations.
If you are plagued by doubts in a situation where you feel that there may be another solution, it would be appropriate to turn to experienced specialists.
The hundreds of clients we have helped have provided us with invaluable experience.
Please contact us. We are happy to help!

We are proud to propose the best price-quality ratio

COVID19 Opening times

Due to the unique situation we’re facing with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are  taking all reasonable steps to protect our staff and clients. We are making every effort to avoid any disruption to our services and the handling of your legal matter. Our office is open for postal services and only essential staff will be on site. All other legal representatives are working remotely and we are encouraging our clients to contact us in the usual way by telephone, mail or enquiry form.

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