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London, UK

A client purchased a property for £5,000,000 in central London. Several years later, it was revealed that they were the victim of substandard services provided by an architect, designer and construction contractor. The damage was £1,200,000. After several litigation actions, the defendant partially admitted their liability, having reduced the amount of the dispute by five times and offered our client a settlement agreement. The process is not over, however, because the client intends to recover compensation from other parties for defects and negligence.
A husband gave £20,000 to his wife’s daughter from a previous marriage. After six years, when the couple divorced, the husband sued his stepdaughter, arguing that the money was lent, not gifted. By law, the deadline for filing a claim had expired, so we successfully provided a defence to our client.

Sochi, RF

For our client, a legal entity, the partner company failed to deliver construction material worth €130,000 in time for the completion of the stadium before the start of the Sochi Olympics, contrary to the relevant clause in the contract.
A dispute arose, and our client was given an ultimatum: ‘Take the material late or pay’ (i.e. prepayment would not be refunded).
After a statutory demand, we filed for the compulsory liquidation of the defendant’s company. The dynamics of the process allowed us to say that the assets would be sold, and the debt (i.e. the amount of damages) would be recovered in favour of our client.
A client bought a car from a showroom for £65,000. During the year, the car was damaged three times by employees of the railway company situated nearby, which was servicing the rail track next to our client’s car park. As a result of negligence, sparks and small stones landed on the car. The client had to repaint the car three times. During this time, the car suffered a 40 per cent loss in value. We supported the client who filed a lawsuit, and the client received an offer to accept compensation without a final hearing.

We have successfully defended counterclaims against our clients many times

A woman visited a beautician, and as a result of an injection, her face was permanently damaged, resulting in the need for plastic surgery. The client sued with our help, and a compromise settlement of £9,000 was reached.
A carpenter repaired a roof, but the contractor company refused to pay for the service and materials, alleging poor quality service. After litigation, our client won the case and damages of £7,964.
An electrician provided services to a subcontractor who refused to pay, stating that workmanship had been poor. After examination, the case was won by our client. The defendant’s payment was £9,954, excluding legal fees.
A nurse, having worked at a company for 15 years, was dismissed from her job because she insisted on following the safety rules.
With our help, the dispute was settled in favour of our client, by the Employment Tribunal, with payment of compensation.
A nurse was disciplined and dismissed due to claims of insufficient proficiency in English. Her licence was also suspended. After our appeal, the legal position of our client was restored to its previous full state, including the licence.
Our client purchased a car. After a while, the car broke down on a motorway. Diagnostics showed that the seller had hidden a defect during the sale. The client instructed us in this matter and won the lawsuit a year later, receiving a payment from the seller of £5,250.
The client was a family, on the social housing waiting list for about eight years, renting out from a private landlord. Housing conditions and the number of children met the criteria set by the government to provide the family with adequate housing. All letters and attempts to obtain housing were ignored by the local authority, giving the family no chance of getting a roof over their heads. With our help, with the involvement of the Ombudsman, Member of Parliament and other assistance, the family received a long-awaited home without a lawsuit.
A person with a mental health condition repeatedly flooded our client’s property. All attempts by our client alone to resolve this problem were in vain. After our intervention, the problem was resolved without court involvement.
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